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Rummy Rani

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Rummy Rani

Rummy Rani :- Hello Friends How Are you all..। You are earning thousands of rupees a day and you will get half by working all day long but you will have to eat riff If this continues, My Brother will go out full life like this, then when Will you fulfill the dreams that you have seen

You will keep thinking that man I do not know, then your vehicle, you can also earn thousands of rupees daily by playing the game like me. Your brother is 100% guaranteed to fulfill your dreams. Now don’t waste too much time and come straight to the point…

My friends have brought you a very good game once again. The name of this game is Rummy Rani Ji Ha friends in this game is earning thousands of rupees of the day of the game

Listening to me, you must also feel that I also want to earn money in this way, but how is a which you are well-learner, just read our post last which will explain to you in a very easy way below….

How To Download Rummy Rani App?

You have to play but you will be wondering how to download it which teaches you.

To Download, you will see something like a photo above or below in our post Download now!  will look like click on it and your chrome or browser will open and the download will start. As soon as it is downloaded, install it and open it.

How To Create Account In Rummy Rani APK?

Rummy Rani
Rummy Rani

After Downloading it is Easy to create account in Rummy Rani. All you have to do is follow the below steps.

Available Game In Rummy Rani APK

Rani Rummy is a kind of rummy game. So you get many types of rummy games to play here. There are many good and popular cards games available in Rummy Rani 51 Bonus. Some of the games are as follows.

Rummy Rani APK
Rummy Rani APK

Feature In Rummy Rani

Friends, in this Application, you get a lot of unique features. Suppose you want to earn money by playing games by downloading this Rummy Rani App to your smartphone. You must first know about some unique features of this Rummy Rani APK. We are giving you information about the best parts of this Rummy Rani APK below.

Play Game with Real People: friends, the most significant special thing about this Teen Patti Rani is that here you get the facility to play games with real people. Here you find millions of people online all the time to play Teen Patti games and rummy games. You can enjoy Teen Patti games and rummy games with people sitting in different corners of India.

Play Game in your Language: friends, in this Application, you get multiple language facilities. Here you can play games in your native language. Here you are given an entire facility to play the Game in a language like Hindi, English, Marathi Urdu.

Chat with Friends: Friends one of the biggest special things about this Rummy Rani APK is that you can chat with your friends while playing the Game, which makes this Teen Patti Rani very different from other App.

Fast Payment Withdrawal : friends, in this Application, you get the facility of instant payment petrol from the company. Here you complete your minimum payment Withdrawal as you like. You can apply for payment Withdrawal. Here your payment is credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

Great Offers: friends, in this Application, all the users from the company are provided more than one offer. Here, the company continues to launch new offers to all its users every month. You can avail of these offers.

How To Refer & Earn In Rummy Rani?

This is very good program for the player that don’t have good skill in card game. In this program you Refer you friend and earn commission. Commission given you on base of you referral level. Bellow is level that available in this application.

Rummy Rani
Rani Rummy

If you want to get all these goodies and referral rewards, simply follow these steps:

How To Add Cash In Rummy Rani APK?

Rummy Rani
New Rummy Rani

How To Withdraw Money In Rummy Rani App?

Rummy Rani Mod APK
Rummy Rani Mod APK

If you earn more money in your game and you have to withdraw money, then you will see an icon of withdrawal, click on it and if you use Android mobile, then you will only understand what to do in withdrawal.

Then give a little information in you, you will have to put all the details in it as below

If you have a phone pay in your mobile, then you can withdraw money from UPI too, if not, you can also put it directly in the bank account, you put your bank details  according to you and your money will come to your bank account in 24 hours or 48 hours, you can withdraw at least up to₹ 100.

Daily Bonus In Rummy Rani

All you users get a free bonus of ₹ 180 in a week through Daily Rewards features in this gaming Teen Patti Rani. You can earn more by playing free games through ₹180 Free Bonus. To get free bonus you have to login to this Rummy Rani Hack daily and claim free bonus.

You get ₹5 free bonus on the first day you login to this Teen Patti Rani App. ₹6 for login on day 2, ₹7 for login on day 3, ₹8 for login on day 4, ₹9 for login on day 5, ₹10 for login on day 6 and ₹135 for login on day 7 is received. Can you get ₹180 free bonus by login everyday in a week.

Welcome Bonus In Rummy Rani APK

All of you users get a cashback bonus of 60% under the Welcome Bonus offer on adding payment for the first time in this Application. If you want to get 60% Welcome Bonus, then recharge your account with ₹500. If you make a recharge of ₹500 for the first time, you get a cashback bonus of ₹300.

Gullak Bonus In Rummy Rani Game

Friends all of you users get piggy bank features to get free bonus in this Application. Under Gullak Bonus Teachers you can get 2% bonus on losing game in this Application. If ₹ 20 is completed in your piggy bank, then you can break the piggy bank.

Is Rummy Rani Safe?

There are many types of questions in the minds of many users regarding whether Rummy Rani App is safe or not. In view of this, we want to tell for the information of all the users that this rummy game application is completely secure and verified.

You will not have any kind of problem in this rummy game application. If you want to earn money by playing online rummy game then you can download this rummy game application in your smartphone.

Customer Support In Rummy Rani

Trough the customer support feature you can take to the Direct customer care officer in this application anytime any day. You get the facility to contact the customer care officer through a live chatting in this application. You can get your problem to resolve by talking to the Direct customer care officer here.


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How long does it take to get my withdrawal in my bank account?


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